"PARQUE EMBALSE DE SAN RAFAEL" - Environmental and Nature Center

Competition Award: Second Prize
Private Firm: Grupo Verde Ltda.
Location: La Calera - Cund - Colombia 1996

This park is located 10 km from Bogotá, the Capital City, close to the town of "La Calera", on the left border of the Teusacá River.
As property of E.A.A.B.´s, a public entity dedicated to water supply services, this has almost 700 hectares from which 350 are flooded zones to build a reservoir for human consumption.

The rest of the area is destined to projects of environmental protection as well as to the public park, a cultural and recreational incentive for people who live in the surroundings.
The existing green potential consists of a native forest, prairies and stubble.

The objective is to generate economic development together with conservation of the landscape respecting human sensibility.
The security of the dam as well as the control of the water pollution are two of restrictions to use and enjoy the park.

The proposal is focused on creating and offering a space to look, to learn, to comprehend, to recognize, and to experience "in situ", different environmental issues.

"PARQUE EMBALSE DE TOMINE" - Recreational Park - Nature Center

Competition Award: Fourth Prize
Private Firm: Grupo Verde Ltda.
Location: Guatavita - Cund - Colombia 1998

Contest acclaimed by The Colombian Society of Architects to design a metropolitan public park of regional impact.

G.V.L. supports its proposal in the sustainable manner of recreation which respects the landscape context, the wildlife, the water resources, the existing infrastructure and the cultural heritage.
The landscape structure articulates natural features potentially worthy, i.e. a lake, a swamp and creeks, water channels, foliage borders and waved topography alternated with natural forests to hide the eroded zones and doing low impact the proposed architecture.
Water is treated as a vital and dynamic component able to modify its surroundings by means of its freedom and changing rhythms in its atmosphere.
In the cultural and symbolic aspect this project has an archeological referent: to respect the pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited this region, a sacred Muisca site where lavish religious celebration gave birth to El Dorado Legend.

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